Thread veins (face & torso only not legs)

Cherry Angiomas (red spots)

Skin Tags

Seborreheic Keratosis (brown/black crusts)

Pigment spots

Xanthelasma & Syringoma

(fatty deposits)


1 off treatment

2 + treatments for large areas

Maintenance: None or 

as needed usually years later in case of new thread veins recurring etc


Thermo-coagulation  £122

Includes consultation & treatment

Thermo Consultation  £22

Redeemed on booking within 6 weeks of consult

Thermo Follow Up/Repeat

Visit  £94


Radio frequency is emitted through an ultra-fine needle to coagulate vascular imperfections (thread veins).

Thermo-cautery is used when removing skin tags or lesions from the face & body. Healing times vary, please come in to discuss in full.